JOLLI NEAL...Lead Vocals/Percussion

Whether dancing, singing or teaching this multi-talented, international entertainer and author continues to move audiences everywhere she performs!
Born in Santa Monica, CA where she made her professional debut at age 6, she was featured on the Hollywood Palace show with Bing Crosby and Sid Caesar.
She appeared with Jerry Lewis at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA which then led to appearing on his TV show.
She opened the Shubert Theatre in Century City, CA starring Donald O’Connor at the age of 16.
She had already been in recording studios by age 9, where she sang in a multitude of children’s albums for nursery and pre-school training along with many single recordings for

dance routine education and dance studios abroad.
Jolli has acquired many credits in TV, commercial and film credits, but her main interest is the live stage.

She toured the world from the age of 18 till her early 30’s where she settled down in Las Vegas, NV where she continues to perform and teach dance.

Some of the hit shows she has performed are “Moulin Rouge” at the Hilton starring Charo and Suzanne Summers; Dancin Machine and The award winning “Splash” at the Riviera;

Legends in Concert; a tribute to Ann Miller and Cyd Charisse plus many more.
Retired from the professional dance show world, Jolli still lights up the stage and holds the audience's attention from start to finish.  
From her "Janis Joplin Tribute Act" to her Classic Rock/Blues band, "Jolli's Jammers" is a ton of entertaining fun.
Jolli’s Jammers is an infectious energy that draws everyone into the act while showing the love for their loyal fans.
She continues to give back her love of teaching tap of her "Still Tappin' Tappers" group, (72-82 yrs young)  

And lets not forget her widely read book, "Footsteps Toward Your Future", a cornerstone on auditioning for the entertainment industry.


ROBBIE BOYETTE...Guitar/Vocals

Robbie Boyette born in Bartow, Florida started playing talent shows at the age of 8.
At 17, he played his first "professional" gig with the band "AIRCREW".
They then started playing at clubs throughout Tampa, Ft. Pierce, Stuart, Cocoa Beach, Delray Beach and surrounding areas on the East Coast of Florida.
Robbie, while still playing professionally furthered his education and graduated with a degree in music.
In '83, He signed with King Music, Inc. and began touring the Crown Lounge and Big Daddy's bar circuit.
He has also toured to PERU, courtesy of CBS Records of South America.
Another band Robbie played with was "Silent Partner" which signed with
Fantasma Productions, Inc. and continued to play before thousands of people  7 days a week up and down the East Coast.
He then joined a South Carolina based band "SUBWAY" in late '88.   SUBWAY was the number 1 band with Showtime Entertainment, Inc. and traveled the entire country.
Later "THE ESSENCE" band was formed, which became the houseband at the SHANGRI-LA rock club in Columbia, SC and later took the house job at the   DYNASTY rock club in Augusta, GA.
Returning back to Orlando, FL."SWEET MERCY" was formed and worked for OMNI Entertainment, Inc. which took the band to Showtime and CMC Entertainment

and once again began touring the country.
Robbie still joined many other bands touring the country.
Robbie moved to Las Vegas where he has performed with various bands at numerous venues. Robbie has now found a new home with the band Jolli's Jammers in Las Vegas, NV, putting his vocals, guitar playing, and entertainment skills to work. 


BETTY VANCE...Bassist/Back Up Vocals

After falling in love with the bass sound as a little girl, Betty persuaded her parents to buy her a bass guitar. They did and it all took off.
Raised in Kingman, AZ without much to do, she practiced a lot not only because she loved it but also because she was bored. Not anymore!
She started playing in bands in High School. From marching bands and rock to southern rock bands and jazz. 

She started to get serious by studying under Brian Bromberg to enhance her knowledge of jazz bass as well.

That led to scholarship offers for music from several schools. This took her to Pacific Northwest where she perfected her craft by playing in bands and almost never sleeping!
After moving to Las Vegas she started playing in bands including Chicks that Rock, Vic Vaga, Rod Stewart tribute artist and lead singer for Dirty Weekend Band.
One of her favorites is playing with Jolli's Jammers, a classic rock favorite. Betty states, "This is a super fun band and we all have a blast on and off the stage.

It's 4 and sometimes 5 people that really enjoy being around each other. It's why I love being in this band, not only to make music but the camaraderie we share!


JOHN TATE...Drummer/Guitar/Vocals

John Tate is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter. He has lived and performed across North America with musicians who either actively perform with or have performed in the past, with such diverse and internationally recognized acts as ... Taylor Swift, Brett Eldredge, Randy Bachman, Colin James, Tom Cochrane & Red Rider, Honeymoon Suite, Alannah Myles, Dallas Smith and Aaron Pritchett, to name a few.

The Drummer -

Key influences - Peter Criss (Kiss), Nigel Olsson (Elton John), Steve Smith (Journey), Chris McHugh (Keith Urban) and Dean Castronovo (Journey)   

"A band will only ever be as good as it's foundation ... and I have always approached drumming from a foundation perspective. I am all about solid tempo, not over-playing and locking in with the bass player ... these 3 things are the core traits that truly define my technique".

"As a singing drummer, the stability of my playing becomes all that much more important. Whether it's lead or backup vocal; I studied very closely, how guys like Peter Criss (Kiss), Dean Castronovo (Journey),

 Don Henley (Eagles) and Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) ... approached this particular art form".

"Don't sacrifice the groove for the vocal and don't sacrifice the vocal for the groove".

The Guitar player -

Key Influences - Ace Frehley (Kiss), Mick Mars (Motley Crue), Paul Kosoff (Free), Keith Urban and

 Stevie Ray Vaughan.

"I'm a blues based guitar player who grew out of the influence of the players from the '60s,'70's and to a lesser extent, the '80's. I prefer to use 15 notes instead of 50 and keep a solid riff moving throughout a song. It's an old-school approach, but as a wise man once said ... It ain't broke, so don't fix it".